Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blog Post #16

Part 1: Blog Reflection
Although I have learned a great deal from EDM 310 concerning teaching and technology, I am still quite proud and happy when I look back at my 1st blog post. My idea for a dream school is still much the same and I still believe that could be an amazing institution.

 However, I have indeed learned about some amazing technology and method by which I could use this technology from my time in EDM 310. From amazing utilities like Google Drive to useful creative tools like iBooks, I've learned how to utilize many useful forms of technology in my future classroom. I do not believe I would change my dream school, but after EDM 310 I would definitely change my classrooms and how I would teach in them. Google Drive would most certainly be used to manage documents and aid students in making presentations. I would also like to implement the use of iBooks in creative projects because I had a beneficial experience with the program during the creation of my group's final project.

Another great asset I gained from my time in EDM 310 is the many amazing sources of very talented and intelligent educators. I could see myself introducing these same brilliant minds to my students in my future classroom. The various blogs and videos I was exposed to really expanded and improved the way I thought about education and I really wish I could have been introduced to such material in high school. I think using these sources to aid my students in critical and creative thinking could be a major boon to their development.

Finally and probably most importantly I have learned that technology and education go hand in hand and will be inseparable in the future, therefore education will always be changing and growing. It is vital that I always reflection on my methods and thoughts and adapt to the ever-changing world as technology and education evolve! This is the key factor in ensuring that my classroom never becomes part of the problem of static, uninteresting, burp-back education.

Part 2: Video Reflection

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  1. As you know I thought I knew that social media was worthless for educators - until I tried it. I'm glad you were a learner as well.