Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blog Assignment #3

The What is Peer Editing? video and Peer Edit with Perfection Tutorial are two great sources for learning the process of peer editing. It seems elementary but mastery of this skill is key. Personally I found these sources very helpful as my editing skills are most certainly in need of improvement. I am great at complementing specific points of my peers work and even finding better ways of wording some ideas, but I unfortunately am terrible at spotting random grammar mistakes. I really like how both the video and slideshow split the process of peer editing into a three step system of compliments, suggestions, and corrections. This is a well structured system that covers all the bases and importantly has a great focus on staying positive. Being positive and conducting your edit with humility is key in peer editing effectively without incurring a negative reaction from your peer. I like how the slideshow tutorial enforces the fact that you need to be specific in every step of the editing process. It's not always the easiest job to peer edit correctly but I will try to implement these skills more from now on. During our collaborative project, my group mates and I peer edited quite successfully within our Google Document, which is an extremely useful tool. By using this tool together we created a well made review and bettered our own writing by finding each others mistakes and reinforcing our best ideas. However, if we would have not have used this method I would have left my edit in a public comment on their post. I do not think a personal email is necessary for there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to editing! We are all human and all make mistakes and maybe someone else could benefit from the edit comment too. I often look at peer edit comments on other post to learn how to better spot these corrections myself.

Man saying look at this font what is the amateur hour

Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes is a humorous yet helpful video showing the DO NOT'S of peer editing. The creative and cute short uses some very interesting archetypes to provide examples of negative and ineffective peer editing. Picky Patty, Mean Margaret, and Defensive Dave are few great examples of the archetypes that exemplify the wrong mindsets when it comes to peer editing. This video reinforces the What is Peer Editing video and Peer Edit Tutorial on the necessity of positivity during editing. All of the examples showed an outcome of what could happen if we all conducted our peer editing without any discipline or focus.


  1. Hi Jo!

    I really liked your post. I agree with all of your points you made. The videos and the slideshow were all really helpful. I don't think peer editing has always been my strong point either, so they helped me out a lot. I also think it is very important to focus and stay positive!

    The only thing I noticed in your post was: "However, if we would have not have used this method I would have left my edit in a public comment on their post." You wrote have twice here, I think only one would be needed. The rest of it was all really good!