Sunday, September 15, 2013


"How To: Create a Custom Callout in Camtasia"
By Brian Bennett
C4T#1, Comment#1 17 August 2013

This was the 1st blog post from Brian Bennett's blog that I reviewed and commented on for C4T. In this post Brian Bennett talks about a program for Mac called Camtasia and a function known as Callouts. I am unfortunately not familiar with this program but I still found his post very interesting. In his post he explains his process of making custom callouts. I admire how he found the function of callouts in Camtasia and had the ambition to create his own custom callouts. His approach to his tutorial was through a clear and well composed video. I complimented him on his implementation of a video tutorial instead of a drawn out text walk through which tend to be boring and hard to follow. As I stated I am unfortunately not familiar with Camtasia or Callouts but I still found his tutorial education and even hope to put it to use some day when I finally get a chance to try out Camtasia.

"And Then There Were Three"
By Brian Bennett
C4T#1, Comment#2 13 September 2013

Upon reading the 2nd post of Brian Bennett's blog for my C4T assignment I was pleased to find this post was to announce Brain's family growing from two to three! I was certainly not expecting this pleasant surprise and I am so happy for him even being so new to his blog. I congratulated him and wished his new family the best. I also commended him on his admirable faith as he said, "I trust our doctor. I trust his judgement and wisdom. I trust his staff, who alerted us to the fact that Lindsey’s amniotic fluid is lower than it should be. But I also trust that God has arranged all of our meetings, relationships, and circumstances with our best interests in mind." I really enjoy reading Brian Bennett's blog and look forward to hearing more from him as he enters this exciting new stage of his life.

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