Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog Post #14

infographic on study abroadWhat Was Left Out?

For this blog post assignment we students of EDM 310 were asked to create on of these assignments that we are so familiar with ourselves! We were also asked to center it around our specialty, on this note I was excited to come up with anything to do with history! I love history and something came to my mind almost instantly. History greatly benefits from being able to actually go to the place where it happened. This is an experience like no other, to set foot on the grounds where these events and people you learn and study actually happened and lived. So my assignment that I would add to EDM 310 would be this: "Imagine if you could take your students anywhere in the whole world for a study abroad trip. Where would you go? What could be learned here? How would you teach on this trip? And lastly but certainly not lease how would you use technology to document and augment your study abroad?" Students would have to research possibilities online and then write up in a blog post the answers to all the questions proposed. Also to showcase these dream study abroad locations a visual portion of some sort would be required, be it a video, prezi, google presentation, or simply various helpful pictures. My favorite blog post in class was the dream school post and I thought of this idea way back then while doing that and I would actually enjoy doing this project!

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