Sunday, November 24, 2013

Project #2- PLN

Ah the PLN, personal learning network, was a phrase that I had no thoughts on when I first encountered it on the first day of EDM 310. I did not know what exactly it was and I saw that it included the use of Twitter so I automatically dreaded it..whatever it was. But as the course went on I realized that it wasn't a project but a very helpful asset. Your personal learning network is just that, a network just for you that aids in your learning. I have always liked teachers (good teachers) and I enjoyed talking with them and with a few becoming close friends with them even after I leave their class. That is partially the reason I decided to become a teacher. I love the mentor-student dynamic. With this mentality in mind, I soon understood the PLN was a great thing! As I stated before the inclusion of twitter in the description of the PLN made me dread and that is because I am not fond of twitter. In my personal life I have found it to be an annoying destination full of mindless babel and...*shiver* hashtags. However, the use of twitter in EDM310 has shown me it can be incredibly useful for finding educators with great ideas. My PLN has also been expanded through C4T assignments and Post Assignments that have lead to my discovery of educators with new and exciting ideas. I love finding new teachers with cutting edge ideas that have the potential to change the state of the world of educations. Another assignment that required a video interview lead me to an opportunity to work with one of my professors. I was so glad that he was willing to go out of his way and take time to help me. As EDM310 has forced us to find various educators online and read their work, it has made me realize how great it is to have a vast library of intellectuals with great ideas available to you! I have definitely explanded my PLN while in EDM 310 tremendously and also finally learned how to efficiently utilize it. The connections and sources I have made and found in EDM have made my PLN a source of inspiration and information I will certainly be using for some time to come.

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