Sunday, November 17, 2013

C4K for November

On the 1st of November I viewed the blog entry of Abbi of Ms. Horst's grade 7 language arts class of Oakville, Ontario, Canada. In this post Abbi wrote on the topic of the book Out Of My Mind. She discusses the injustice of treating people differently or judging them by their appearance or disability. Abbi carried out her writing with satisfactory grammar and spelling and wrote clearly. She organized her thoughts very well and provided many examples from the text to support her ideas. Abbi really seemed to have learned some great values from the book and expressed a desire for others to learn these values too.


On November the 10th I was assigned Huelo-ata's blog of Mrs. Nau and Mr. Bark's grade 7 class of
Auckland, New Zealand. Huelo-ata had a blog entry that was a math word problem. She accurately solved her math word problem with some quick division and the answer ended up being 42. She added a picture of the number 42 and this is what initial caught my eye as 42 is a special number to me and anyone else who has read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Back on topic, Huelo-ata did a great job solving the problem and composing her blog post.

Dr. Strange and Mrs. Yollis
On the 17th of November I had the pleasure of viewing the blog thread of Mrs. Yollis' 3rd grade class of Los Angeles. In this class blog thread the topic was November is family blogging month! (<-- check it out!) In this thread all the students posted various facts and stories they had and their family members had the opportunity to not only see these posts but also participate in the discussions! I think this is a fantastic and very creative idea that encourages family to be involved with the kids school blogs. I think Mrs. Yollis is brilliant when it comes to employing new and creative methods to teaching her kids through technology.

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