Thursday, October 31, 2013

C4K Summary for October

the sky
On 6 October I got to view and comment on Cheyenne's blog of Mr. Rhodus' 6th grade class of Robertsdate,AL. In her blog entry Cheyenne addressed the question of "How much does the sky weight?" At first I was taken aback by this question because it seemed so bizarre! I had never thought about such a question and I was actually very interested in seeing the answer! (You too can find out here!) Aside from some spelling errors Cheyenne did a great job showing personality and being creative in her post and she definitely taught me something!

children gardeningOn the 20th of October I had the pleasure of reading Hannah's blog of Mrs. Hartooni's 7th grade class. Hannah wrote about she and her friends Tyler and Dustin are going to plant a garden. She told about how her Marigolds would serve to protect Tyler's strawberries and Dustin's yet to be decided plant. Hannah did a great job with her writing in this post as she really showed personality through her creative speech. Also I think a class garden is a fantastic idea as fresh food is a value we should certainly be teaching our children.

A student's blog I was assigned to read on 27 October went by the name of woky34 of Mr. So's grade 2 class in Canada. The students were to come up with an idea for an activity called "Genius Hour." Woky34 chose to do sea creatures and stated an intent on using various sources and even actual samples. I commended woky34 of the idea of using samples and also commented on my own love for all things aquatic.

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