Sunday, October 13, 2013


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Turn Your Android Phone into a WiFi Hotspot
This time around for my C4T assignment I was again assigned to a particularly tech heavy blog. That blog would be Miguel Guhlin's Around the Corner. For my first entry I read his post on how to turn your android phone into a wifi hotspot. I do not have an android phone but I still found this post very interesting simply from a technical standpoint an also because of his writing. Guhlin included what could be considered a small anecdote and was very well written which added a lot of personality and made it easy to read.

BitTorrent Sync and Thunderbird Email Backups
For my second entry on Miguel Guhlin's blog I read his post regarding BitTorrent Syncing and Thunderbird Email Backups. While a lot of the info included in this post was way over my head in technical processes, I still found it to be very helpful. I could tell if I needed this kind of problem addressed Miguel Guhlin's blog entry would be very helpful. He gave many steps leading one through the processes for using BitTorrent Sync and handling Thunderbird backups on various OS's. He even used a very helpful graphic that clearly displayed the information. And yet again very well and interesting writing kept this post interesting.

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